how is speech a desire a hope a promise: a collective reading

a collective reading of the text by kimi hanauer as part of We Use Our Hands To Support at Southern Exposure. 

We use our hands to support, visioned and gathered by Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, is a project, a manifesto, a tool for survival and continuing, a lens to see the world through, a cape, a mask, a screen, a pattern, a disguise, a pile of your favorite books, an abolitionist, a banner, a scream, a stack, a non-hierarchical space, a living organism. activist, educator, thinker Grace Lee Boggs, asks us, “who is going to begin this new story?” and we answer that we need new language, we need to dig deep, pull up the unseen histories, look into each other’s eyes, tear all the walls down, center liberatory practices, use our hands to reimagine everything.  

june 2021

image descriptions: 

1. a group of people sit in an oval shape holding yellow flyers and looking down. kimi and Lukaza sit across from one another holding megaphones and speaking.
2. another view of the oval, the group sits in front of a lavendar wall with colorful banners on it. kimi is speaking into the megaphone through a wired extension, while the megaphone is placed on the floor.