poetry persists / poetry sustains

︎CLP&P open submissions 
poetry persists / poetry sustains invites contributions of open-access and unpublished original works of poetry that sustain y/our spirits. poetry can be defined expansively, as any artistic, creative, or cultural practice that functions alongside work that is more traditionally seen as “political.” 

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image: a pink handdrawn book and a page with a heart on it are side by side. the book is partially open and has a small rectangle on the top of the cover side. 

everyday & sacred: liberation in practice

︎CLP&P open submissions 
everyday & sacred: liberation in practice invites contributions of open-access resources, toolkits, how-to guides, zines, political graphics, and other materials that guide the openings of everyday life toward liberatory ends.

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#liberation #practice #opensubmission

image: a pink handdrawn megaphone and book live are side by side. the book has organic squiggles on it and is facing downwards.

Wednesday Nov 3 2021