temporary headquarters at southern exposure

this temporary headquarters was installed at Southern Exposure as part of the show, We Use Our Hands To Support, visioned and gathered by Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo alongside works by Fronteristxs Collective, Amanda Curreri, and Sam Vernon.

We use our hands to support is a project, a manifesto, a tool for survival and continuing, a lens to see the world through, a cape, a mask, a screen, a pattern, a disguise, a pile of your favorite books, an abolitionist, a banner, a scream, a stack, a non-hierarchical space, a living organism. activist, educator, thinker Grace Lee Boggs, asks us, “who is going to begin this new story?” and we answer that we need new language, we need to dig deep, pull up the unseen histories, look into each other’s eyes, tear all the walls down, center liberatory practices, use our hands to reimagine everything.  

image descriptions: 

1. six red crates are stacked into a table where a computer is placed. on the lavendar wall behind it, appear repeated posters that say 'i want to believe in shared breath'.

2. a xerox-printed and spray painted poster is centered in the image. it is stapled on top of other posters. the letters are warped and somewhat illegible. in all caps, it says ‘abundance now.’

3. a zoomed out view of an art installation. the walls are yellow and full of prints overalapping one another. there are three tables with books and materails on them. one table is low to the ground with red coushins around it for sitting.

4. yellow zine display stands are placed in a cornder. they unfold like accordians and stand in zig zag shapes. they hold various colorful zines and books.

5. a yellow wall with prints partially covering it appears. there is a screen attached to the wall. on the screen, two feet float from the top in a green background. there are headphones underneath the screen.

6. a lavendar wall with a flatscreen on it. in front of the screen, there is a concrete block with a red cushion on it. on the screen, a yellow pant and foot appears to be pushing something.

7. a black banner on top of a yellow wall. the banner has somewhat legible but warped text on it that reads, ‘but i need it to speak to you.’ 

8. a shelf sits on the ground against a yellow background. colorful collages are hung on the wall and piles of newsprint sit on the shelf. a jar of pencils sits on the right hand side.