weaving our values & practices

Values & Practices is a collectively sourced, living and breathing set of agreements. It invites those of us who gather through the Center to ground ourselves within visions for autonomous and liberated communities.   

Our Values & Practices were produced through a Zoom workshop and a phone call in February 2022 that gathered the Center’s inaugural team of Weavers: Denise Shanté Brown, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Lizania Cruz, Kearra Amaya Gopee, Katie Giritlian, Bomin Jeon, Georgia McCandlish, and Malcolm Peacock, in collaboration with facilitators, Kimi Hanauer and Luz Orozco. Values & Practices is meant to be drafted and redrafted every year of the Center’s life, with contributions and insights from folks who are part of the Center’s community.

︎Read an excerpt of Values & Practices co-published by MARCH and download the full PDF of the publication. Stay tuned for news on distribution of the printed edition. 

︎Download a PDF workshop plan and reflection guide to facilitate your own Values & Practices workshop. 

image descriptions: 
1. A screenshot of a web browser open to March’s website lays on top of a pink to red gradient background. The browser screen is black and has a white background. On the top of the page in bold all capital letters it says, “Weaving our Values & Practices” and underneath, in pink smaller letters it says, “Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry” and “September 2022”. Behind the text, in stretched out pink letters, it says “MARCH” and on the top left corner it says, “MARCH is a journal of art & strategy.”

2. a Zoom screen appears on a pink and red gradient background with the Center’s inaugural team of Weavers smiling and holding up peace signs with their fingers. some zoom screens have been photoshoped to only show flowers or leaves. 
Wednesday Nov 3 2021