Contribute to the Resource Library


We’re excited to announce the rolling open call for contributions to our resouce library!

Lenapehoking (Brooklyn, NY), June 2024  

The Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry’s Resource Library is now accepting contributions! Materials will be reviewed on a rolling basis with seasonal deadlines. The next deadline for submission is July 15th using this simple form.

Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry is an access-centered nomadic education project focused on modes of collective governance and autonomies outside of the state. In the library, you might find theoretical texts alongside resources for mutual aid, poetry, how-to guides, and other materials that emerge through the conditions and encounters of everyday life. Materials are accepted on a rolling basis and do not have to fit neatly into these definitions: artworks, poetry, songs, recipes, and other materials that expand the understanding of what a 'resource' can be are especially encouraged!

The materials that are included in our evolving resource library emerge from a wide range of different perspectives, locations, and fields of study. Our Values & Practices, a collectively-sourced and living set of agreements, offer a political ground to this collection as it evolves. Ultimately, the cacophony of materials which are gathered here attempt to extend and sharpen the values which undergird this work. When thinking through your contribution, you are encouraged to read Weaving our Values & Practices, a set of conversations which offer context on the emergence of the Center and the ethical boundaries this work is guided by.

Original works as well as submissions of your favorite works (with permission from the author(s) & publisher) are welcome. Any material submitted must either already be freely available through open-access or creative commons licensees and networks; have permission from the author and publisher to be shared; be publicly available on the web; or be yours to share and distribute. All materials included in the library are for educational purposes only.

If you are interested in organizing your own themed library section or have any other questions, please email us directly at:

Thank you for being here!