Bulbous cutouts of a photo of  ceremony objects including “bless our breath” cards, tangerines, glasses of water, herbs, an open book and a mortar and pestle sit on a black background. Rounded cuttings of the title Archive Liberia, Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry are overlaid on the photos and black background. A large white title reads “Used of Memory Saturday, October 28 4:00-5:30 PM EST Virtual with small vertically oriented along a sliver of the ritual object photo reads “Teaching at the End of Times.”

WORKSHOP: Uses of Memory

with Archive Liberia

project cooperative decolonization memory poetry

Several people’s hands travel to write and draw across quietly lit chart paper. A pile of transparent pink notes slip under one of the participant’s wrists while an opaque pink note grazes the tip of another participant's hand bracing as they mark the chart paper.

GATHERING: Weekend for Collective Being and Making

a semi-annual gathering of Weavers and friends of the Center

gathering cooperative experiments governance

A playful internet browser screen tab gradienting between bright orange, purple and yellow pops between the titles “creative projects,” “introduction” and “about.” It features contributors names across the bottom punctuated by repeating graphic purple flowers.

PUBLICATION: Straining Letters into Noise

with Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Graphic Design

project cooperative speech stories

this is the book cover of 'black scare / red scare'. in the top half of the image is a graphic image in black, red, and yellow forms that show a person staring downwards and frowning. on an off white background below, the book title is written in all capital letters in black and red.

cooperative anarchy abolition

the book cover of 'discourse on colonialism' by Aime Cesaire. a portrait of Aime Cesaire as a single color black print appears on an orange cover. Aime carries books, wears a black coat overtop a button up shirt with a tie and looks serious as he stairs off to the right. the title of the book, 'discourse on colonialism' is written in white letters overtop of the black print.

cooperative anarchy decolonization

Under bright pink light, a masked and lace-veiled bartender shakes a metal cocktail shaker over their shoulder as a masked person dressed in black reviews the drink menu.

anarchy grief queer experiments

A dark exhibition space has a freestanding blurry projected video angled in the right corner. The space opens to a more lit rectilinear sculpture containing an upright branch.

An Excision Spell

by Kearra Amaya Gopee

gathering anarchy poetry weaver

the title and author of the publication are in black text on top of a pastel gradient background. in between the text are smaller icons of a crescent moon between two stars.

be well (after tasha)

by denise shanté brown be well (after tasha) is Denise Shanté's poetic response to "take care" by songwriter and musician, tasha. It was written during the summer nights of 2020 after emerging out of a six-week period of not leaving her home and feeling compelled, out of necessity, to write a letter of care to the people she loves.

publication breath grief weaver

Bold black letters reading “Learning from Lexington” adorned with pink shadows and outlines lay on top of an abstracted  bright green halftone image. The word ‘from’ is reoriented inside of a pink square and a pink banner reading “voices + visions Lexington Market: 1800s - 2017 grounds the bottom of the poster.

publication care diasporic stories

Bold black letters reading “Learning from Lexington” adorned with pink shadows and outlines lay on top of an abstracted tan and black halftone image. The word ‘from’ is reoriented inside of a pink square and a pink banner reading “Lexington Market: 1800s - 2017” grounds the bottom of the poster.

publication care diasporic stories

Atop a black background reads “When & how the American dream died for you?” in bold white capital letters.

publication abolition diasporic weaver

The title “Undoing borders, A queer manifesto” sits above a black and white image of people pressed against gesturing and videoing a fenced border. The image is framed in white space.

publication diasporic queer speech

A black grounded website reads “bilphena’s library, ‘the words loved me and i loved them in return,’ -sonia sanchez” above a repeating colorful collage of black feminine people outlined in orange. The collage is duplicated across a peach color block and a rust color block.

bilphena’s library

by bilphena decontee yahwon

abolition black feminism care poetry

The yellow cover of bell hooks’ book reads in orange “Teaching to Transgress, Education as the Practice of Freedom.” A small rectangular drawing of a yellow ladder leaning from a bright red floor to a green wall sits above the title. bell hooks name is typed in back under a stylized R at the bottom of the cover.

abolition black feminism care

A white baseball cap is centered on a mottled sandy rock surface. A stylized black line drawing of a crying emoji-type face sits above the brim.

cripple: resources

Cripple is organized by Emily Sara

disability justice access intimacy

“Toolkit for Cooperative, Collective, & Collaborative Cultural work, Press Press & Institute for expanded research” is typed and underlined in bright red on top of an orange background.

Toolkit for Cooperative, Collective, & Collaborative Cultural Work

by Press Press and Institute for Expanded Research

abolition anarchy cooperative disability justice

Two posters printed on pink and orange paper advertising Emary Parisi’s workshop “Parsing our exits as care” sit askew atop one another on top of a hand woven blue fabric.

PUBLICATION: Chrysalis Sessions – Parsing our Exits as Care: Queer Funerals and Post-Life Practicalities

with Emary Parisi

gathering publication breath grief movement

Four people energetically dance in the pink lit space of Kimi Hanauer’s installation “If we choose to reclaim ourselves from the ashes.”

WORKSHOP: Chrysalis Sessions  – Dance Jam

with Dancing Through Prison Walls

gathering grief movement

A bright yellow painted corner of a concrete exhibition space is covered with text based artworks in orange, red, and black and white newsprint. The large legible black and white newsprint repeats “I want to believe in shared breath.” Several video monitors are interspersed on the wall and there are 3 built wooden tables with two red rectangular cushions.

project cooperative

a scan of a rectangular broadsheet that features multi color flyers that overlap at various angels. the flyers are yellow, lavender, and orange, and have large fluidly shaped lines of text overtop of them. notable lines of text include, "how is speech a desire a hope a promise" and "sometimes I just want us to sit" and "nourished by our whispers".

gathering anarchy speech

A card with rounded edges gradienting from magenta to red with white underlined text that reads “Bless our breath” sits askew on a large cropped newsprint poster reading “Breath” in bold black capital underlined print.

bless our breath

alea adigweme, Gordon Hall, Kimi Hanauer, Jovonna Jones, Malcolm Peacock, Alice Yuan Zhang with Gas Gallery

breath cooperative ghosts

A large red rectangle framed in orange contains bold capital text reading “To those for whom the horizon leans forward.” The last 4 words are underlined in orange.

Calling all Denizens

by Kimi Hanauer with Women's Studio Workshop

anarchy exile

An interrupted static radar ripple is drawn etched in white across a black background.


by Amanda Gómez

grief speech poetry

A curved diagonal branch of bamboo-like leaves is etched in white onto a black background.

pan francés

by Amanda Gómez

poetry speech intimacy

An abstract composition of stretched and unstretched stacked semi circles in forrest green, pink, and shades of orange sit above the title “Notes on Feminisms Saidiya Hartman.” This title is in stacked black font atop an off white rectangle. In smaller black text in the top left corner “Feminist Art Coalition” is typed.

The Plot of Her Undoing

by Saidiya Hartman

abolition exile black feminism

A photo of a copy of Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ “Maintenance Art— proposal for an Exhibition” is hand annotated with the words “Manifesto! “Care.”

Manifesto for Maintenance Art

by Mierle Laderman Ukeles

rage cooperation care

A white drawing of five seed pods attached to two nodes at various states of opening is etched on a black background.

abolition theory black feminism

A white drawing of a complex knotted rope loops and weaves to create interlocking woven circles surrounding a long U form. Delicate strings loosely twirl around three portions of the knot on this black background.

anarchy cooperative

Abstracted splashes of light lavender, deep red, and yellow radiate across a purple gradient from the right lower side. The splash composition is thinly framed with colors slowly transitioning between yellow and red.

Access Intimacy: The Missing Link

published on Leaving Evidence by Mia Mingus 

access intimacy theory disability justice

An abstracted ribbon of bright green and orange folds to make an L shape across a white background. In opposite corners reads “Dispersion” and “Seth Price.”


by Seth Price

theory movement access

A black and white dense spherical stone sits in its shadow at the top left of a poster advertising Simone Leigh’s “The Waiting Room.” An upward arc connects “June 22” to “Sept 18th” along the bottom of the white poster.

The Waiting Room

by Simone Leigh

care speech disability justice

Overlapping ripples of marbleized green and deep red repeat and invert to a vertical column of pooling bright red and magenta. The black italicized words “a tender talk” run diagonally up the left side of the marbleized pattern.

A Tender Talk: Manifesto for Tender Collaborative Work

by Shan Wallace, Iris Lee, and Jenna Porter in conversation with Kimi Hanauer, published by Press Press

governance cooperative intimacy

“While standing in line for death, CAConrad” is typed and stacked to the left on an eggshell colored background.

anarchy poetry queer

A white drawing of five seed pods attached to two nodes at various states of opening is etched on a black background.

anarchy decolonization theory

A simplified black and white drawn diagram of a human heart with shaded chambers is labeled with arrows corresponding to the movement of blood. The Aorta is labeled in bold black text all of which is on a white background.

access anarchy cooperative

“Accessibility In the Arts: A promise and a Practice, Carolyn Lazard” is typed in white on a black background. Two white computer icons for adobe reader and for volume are on either side of the black background.

Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice

by Carolyn Lazard, published by Recess Art [before the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic]

access cooperative disability justice

The phrases “Intersectionality, leadership, of those most impacted, anticapitalism, cross-movement organizing, wholeness, sustainability, cross-disability solidarity, interdependence, collective access, & collective liberation” are typed in a black variety of changing fonts over a close up abstracted painting of red blood vessels surrounded by a light peach color.

access diasporic disability justice

A thick black silhouette of a ladder with inconsistently tight rungs sits above a partition line and small black text that reads “How to build language justice, Antena.”

access diasporic disability justice

Simple cells etched and outlined in white collect and drift apart on a black background.

cooperative movement theory

a drawing of a hand lifts towards a thorned curved flower stem all etched and outlined in white on a black background. The flower is made up of parallel wiggling lines.

Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making

by Sam Kaner with Lenny Lind, Catherine Toldi, Sarah Fisk, and Duane Berger

anarchy cooperative governance

a drawing that is etched and outlined in white of two walnut pods tilted in opposite directions to lean against one another is centered on a black background.

abolition cooperative governance

A drawing of a cloth pulled diagonally upward is etched and outlined in white on a black background.

Fascism & Anti-Fascism: A Decolonial Perspective

by Ena͞emaehkiw Wākecānāpaew Kesīqnaeh

cooperative decolonization

Black unsteady thin abstract lines meet perpendicularly in the center of the page with a right triangle, diagonal, and small circle floating out of the top left quadrant. The name and title “Simone Forti Handbook in motion” runs across the top of the white page.

Handbook in Motion

by Simone Forti

cooperative movement poetry

A white drawing of three open seed pods with deeply curved stems organized to be exactly parallel and equidistant is outlined and etched onto a black background.

anarchy cooperative rage

A redish zine sits on a grey table top. The title reads: Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power by Audre Lorde.

black feminism queer

A white etched drawing of a looping rope disintegrates into bark against a black background.

The Question of Judeo-Arabic

by Ella Shohat
published in The Arab Studies Journal, Vol. 23, No. 1

decolonization diasporic theory

A black woman with heavy framed glasses and a medium length afro looks over her shoulder from a paper manuscript lifted in her right hand. This black and white image is overlaid with a yellow gradient lighting the top edge. The names and title “Sylvia Wynter, on being human as praxis, Katherine Mckittrick, editor” sits at the bottom and below this black and white photo’s edge in white and yellow text. The bottom band of the image is a dense black.

Sylvia Winter: On Being Human as Praxis

edited by Katherine McKittrick

black feminism cooperative stories

An interrupted static radar reading is drawn etched in white across a black background.

Selfcare as Warfare

by Sarah Ahmed
published by feministkilljoys

cooperative care rage

the book cover of Now by the Invisible Committee has a white background with brown silloutes of people standing in the foreground.


by the Invisible Committee

anarchy cooperative rage

the book cover of 'state of siege' by mahmoud darwish. a brown and tan image shows a window open only to a brick wall behind it, with a window shutter falling diagonally across the frame. paint chips off the wall behind it, creating a tense and unsettling feeling.

State of Siege

by Mahmoud Darwish

poetry grief exile

the book cover for 'the faggots and their friends between revolutions' has a dark red background with a black line drawing above. the title of the book is written in gothic letters centered on the page, and an illustration of two alien-esc figures surround the letters, almost as if forming a frame.

The Faggots and their Friends Between Revolutions

Text by Larry Mitchell and drawings by Ned Asta, republished by Nightboat Books

queer stories governance

the book cover of 'publics and counterpublics' by michael warner. on the cover, four white women are taking photos while sitting down and laying in a group. they smile and look deeply focused on what is happening ahead of them.

queer theory coooperative

the book cover for 'precarious life' by judith butler. the book is black with blueish, greyish, and greenish abstract shapes which rise from the bottom. the title of the book is written in white letters on the top. a siloutte of a ghostly figure is on the bottom left in a white transparent shape.

queer theory grief

a scan of the inner front page of the book, 'the force of non violence' by judith butler. the scan shows a white text with black scanned edges. the title is written in all capital letters in the upper middle of the page and a bolded 'V', the Verso books logo, is on the center bottom.

queer theory grief

a scanned cover of 'remaking society' by murray bookchin shows a black and white image of a cracked, dry ground. the title of the book is written in big, serif letters in white on a black square.

theory grief

a graphic of a blueish cube on a light yellow background.

theory movement cooperative

the book cover for 'out of place' by edward said. a child photo of edward looks ahead in a worried stare. it is a greyscale image on an organe background. the child wears a tie and button up shirt.

Out of Place

by Edward Said

exile movement stories

an illustration of a white masculine figure looks to the right on a red background. train tracks emerge toward the viewer and out of his ear. the train is approaching.

Eichmann in Jerusalem

by Hannah Arendt

diasporic theory grief

the book cover for 'on the arab-jew, palestine, and other displacements' by ella shohat shows an illustration of a kitchen that is absorbed within an abstract, fluid form. the image and title are place on a white background.

decolonization theory grief

the book cover for 'on zionist literature' by ghassan kanafani.

On Zionist Literature

by Ghassan Kanafani

decolonization theory

capitalized black letters on a white background read, "Homo Sacer" and above them in a serif font is ays, "Giorgio Agamben".

decolonization theory governance exile

in bold black letters on a yellow background it says, "how europe underdeveloped africa." on the bottom right, the author's title appears, "Walter Rodney".

decolonization theory abolition