Scaffolding Becoming Autonomies Ungovernable


Scaffolding / Becoming / Autonomies / Ungovernable is a series of workshops and iterative publication. 

The project invites participants to explore personal processes of building up solidarity economies and tearing down oppressive instituions. These two threads are considered simultaneously, as interwoven practices of autonomous world building. The project is centered on two interconnected workshops:

Publishing as an Organizing Tool: Tactics in Becoming Ungovernable

Presented by X-TRA and Active Cultures as part of Total Landscaping
August 12, 2023, Los Angeles, CA
“Freedom is the process by which you develop a practice of being unavailable for servitude.” –Avery F. Gordon, paraphrasing Toni Cade Bambara

Publishing as an Organizing Tool: Tactics for Becoming Ungovernable gathers participants around a collection of materials that engage publishing practices as forms of resistance to state power. The workshop acts as an invitation to think with and explore the critical dimensions of ungovernability as a language that “reflects an intuition that modes of living together beyond government, pursued through collective acts of refusal and negation could… provide lines of flight out of the hopelessly striated spaces of our contemporary social, political, and economic existence.” Through an intentional process of personal reflection and group discussion, participants will co-create a shared manifesto, Tactics for Becoming Ungovernable. By sharing multiple works of theory, strategies, personal accounts, and publishing projects simultaneously, this workshop invites participants into nonlinear collective learning and conversation around abolitionist anarchist perspectives on media-based organizing.

Scaffolding Autonomies: Scores for Daily Rehearsal

Presented by ICA LA and Printed Matter
August 13, 2023, Los Angeles, CA

Scaffolding Autonomies: Scores for Daily Rehearsal (Virtual)

Presented by Mandeville Art Gallery at University of California, Los Angeles as part of How We Gather
November 4, 2023, San Diego, CA

Scaffolding Autonomies: Scores for Daily Rehearsal gathers participants to chronicle and rehearse infrastructures for collective care and solidarity that emerge from the encounters of our everyday lives. Through an exploration of artworks, poetry, theory, and political projects, participants are invited into score-making as an artistic practice that moves us toward a horizon of autonomy and collective self-determination. Grounded in the framework of mutual aid, this workshop explores the overlaps between practices of collective care that sustain social movements and daily bodily motion, experience, and presence.