Uses of Memory

poetry cooperative memory decolonization

A quiet making and processing space co-hosted with Archive Liberia on collective memory as an anti-colonial practice.

October 2023

The Uses of Memory offers a quiet making and processing space for participants to reflect on their embodied knowledge, experiences and personal memories as foundations through which political frameworks emerge. Memory, as we commonly understand it, often adheres to a sense of completeness and order imposed by dominant narratives, but this workshop aims to disrupt that paradigm. Through a partnership between Archive Liberia and the Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry, project stewards Bilphena Decontee Yahwon and Kimi Hanauer will guide participants in beginning the process of building personal memory archives. This workshop is hosted by Teaching at the End of Times and corresponds with the final day of the project’s exhibition in Philadelphia.

The original iteration of this workshop, hosted by Teaching at the End of Times in October 2023, was postponed in an effort to redirect our communities toward actions around justice in Palestine. Instead, we are offering all workshop materials for folks to facilitate independently as desired:  

Workshop Guide

Reflection Writing Prompts

Thanks to Decolonial Feminist Collective for hosting a second iteration of the workshop in March 2024.