[image: organically drawn hands and feet of multiple sizes and shapes gather around one another in movement. dots appear around and in-between. they are drawn in pink lines with an orange shadow underneath.]
🌹️ nourishing, gathering, and weaving a center 🌹️


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parsing our exits as care: queer funerals & post-life practicalities

a workshop and workbook developed by Emary Parisi and Harumi Miura as part of our 2022 Chrysalis Sessions hosted at University of California, Los Angeles.  

Using a queer anarchist lens, Parsing our Exits as Care: Queer Funerals & Post-Life Practicalities invites those who gather within it, as readers and/or workshop participants, to parse out intentions around death & funerals.

Limited copies will be available this July at the San Francisco Art Book Fair at our friends’ Press Press booth and at Emary Parisi’s forthcoming workshop at HolSol Studio in Philadelphia this Fall. PDF copies are also available for free download.   

Lets (re)imagine our exits: deaths & funerals—as an act of care towards our loved ones, communities, and selves. How can confronting death’s inevitability yield agency for queers today? In this workbook, readers are invited to address components of post-life: from will-writing to digital asset management to commemorative playlists, and on.

Parsing our Exits as Care emerged from the workshop developed by Emary Parisi and Harumi Miura as part of our 2022 Chrysalis Sessions hosted at University of California, Los Angeles  and can be used independently of or within the workshop space.

Trigger warning: discussions around death and funerals.

︎download the PDF. 

image descriptions: 

1. Emary sits on a colorful table facilitating a workshop. snacks, flowers, pink sheets of paper and pencils surround them. they look downward toward the table and are reading working definitions out loud for the group.
2. two copies of the booklet lay on top of eachother on a blue woven carpet. the top copy is bright pink and the bottom copy is orange. in red text the booklet cover says, “parsing our exits as care: queer funerals & post-life practicalities, Emary Parisi, Chrysalis Sessions, Center for Liberatory Practice & Poety’. 

weaving our values & practices

Values & Practices is a collectively sourced, living and breathing set of agreements. It invites those of us who gather through the Center to ground ourselves within visions for autonomous and liberated communities.   

Our Values & Practices were produced through a Zoom workshop and a phone call in February 2022 that gathered the Center’s inaugural team of Weavers: Denise Shanté Brown, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Lizania Cruz, Kearra Amaya Gopee, Katie Giritlian, Bomin Jeon, Georgia McCandlish, and Malcolm Peacock, in collaboration with facilitators, Kimi Hanauer and Luz Orozco. Values & Practices is meant to be drafted and redrafted every year of the Center’s life, with contributions and insights from folks who are part of the Center’s community.

︎Read an excerpt of Values & Practices co-published by MARCH and download the full PDF of the publication. Stay tuned for news on distribution of the printed edition. 

︎Download a PDF workshop plan and reflection guide to facilitate your own Values & Practices workshop. 

image descriptions: 
1. A screenshot of a web browser open to March’s website lays on top of a pink to red gradient background. The browser screen is black and has a white background. On the top of the page in bold all capital letters it says, “Weaving our Values & Practices” and underneath, in pink smaller letters it says, “Center for Liberatory Practice & Poetry” and “September 2022”. Behind the text, in stretched out pink letters, it says “MARCH” and on the top left corner it says, “MARCH is a journal of art & strategy.”

2. a Zoom screen appears on a pink and red gradient background with the Center’s inaugural team of Weavers smiling and holding up peace signs with their fingers. some zoom screens have been photoshoped to only show flowers or leaves. 

dancing through prison walls dance jam

a dance session hosted by choreographer Suchi Branfman and a crew of formerly incarcerated and “free world folks” as part of our 2022 Chrysalis Sessions hosted at University of California, Los Angeles.  

The first in-person iteration of Dancing Through Prison Walls’ weekly dance jam co-hosted by choreographer Suchi Branfman and a crew of formerly incarcerated and “free world” folks who have been dancing together virtually since March 2020. Coffee and cookies provided by our friends Skid Row Coffee. 

image description: 

1. people standing in a pink exhibition space gesture in different ways with their bodies and arms. one person, on the left side, raises their fist and toroso toward the cieling, another person begins to kneal and bends their elbows, while another stretches their limbs toward their sides.

Wednesday Nov 3 2021